What is a Sporran?

The sporran is essentially a component of the traditional Highland dress. The primary function of the Sporran is as a replacement for pockets or wallets for storing your belongings. It is hung a bit under your waist and can be worn with straps made of leather. The sporran is made of leather or fur depending on which material you prefer the most and also comes with both fur and leather to make it appear more unique and stylish.

The sporrans are a type of clothing used in earlier wars to carry essential items. Alongside helping store all of your belongings, they are also a great piece of decor. Sporrans come in a variety of styles Some have embroidery, and others have tassels. It’s all about preference. It is possible to wear these sporrans with our tartan Kilt.

What is the reason why Sporrans have Tassels?

The reason that sporrans come with three tassels is that they were known to appear like this earlier. So, a lot of sporrans you see have one or two tassels. They are not just beautiful but also let you keep your Scottish traditions with pride.

The past was when sporrans would have appeared rabbit-haired, or comprised of various animal hairs such as the hair of foxes, horses, rabbits, and so on. A lot of them have three large tassels as well as flap tops. At present, you can purchase sporrans made of real horses or rabbit hair. Tassels don’t only serve to decorate your home, but they can also serve a crucial function. Tassels help us distinguish among types of sporrans. The full dress sporran comes with at least three tassels. they also have an iron design.

However semi-dressed sporrans are made of fur and have three tassels. They aren’t meant to be worn every day. They are used more for special occasions, such as wedding ceremonies, highland games as well as other formal events. Tassels like these enhance the elegance that the sporran has. The sporran is not complete without these tassels. The sporran is an essential accessory to put on with the men’s Kilt. If you don’t own one, take a look at our selection of Sporrans. The sporrans we offer are of high-end quality and made of genuine fur.

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