Discover Prince Charlie Jackets, the epitome of Scottish Highland Elegance

Prince Charlie jackets are elegant formal highland coats designed for special occasions. They embody Scottish fashion’s rich history. These jackets are perfect for showing off your Scottish pride when paired with the kilt. They also exude a fashionable and modern appeal. These jackets have been designed with the colder climate of Scotland in mind. They are constructed from warm fabrics that will keep you stylish and comfortable.

The lapels of this jacket are adorned in luxurious silk satin, adding a touch of elegance to the outfit. These jackets have satin lining for an elegant finish. The jackets have no external pockets but two internal pockets for storage. Two braided shoulder epaulets, each with a button at the top of it, add a touch of regal style to this jacket. The Prince Charlie Jacket is notable for not having any buttons on the front. The backside has skirt flaps which add to the overall beauty.

We offer a variety of customizations for our Prince Charlie Jacket. You can choose the colors, designs, and sizes that suit your style.

Materials: Scotland Kilt Collection has a wide range of materials to choose from when crafting the Prince Charlie Jacket. We can make your jacket out of serge, tweed, Melton, barathea, tartan, acrylic, wool or velvet. Each material choice has its own unique charm, making your jacket truly special.

Chrome buttons are used as accents to enhance the pride and splendor associated with Prince Charlie Jacket. The buttons, strategically placed, are on the sleeves, the shoulders and the vest of the Prince Charlie Jacket. They add a sophisticated touch to the ensemble.

Kilt Vests are a great complement to the Prince Charlie Jacket. Kilt Vests: The Kilt Vest’s lapel is made of satin silk to match the front fabric on the Kilt Jacket. Backside of vest is satin, with an adjustable belt to ensure a tailored and comfortable fit. The Scottish kilt has two outside pockets. There are no pockets inside. Three chrome buttons adorn the front of this vest, adding to its appeal.

Browse our collection of Prince Charlie Jackets to find the best-selling Scottish jackets. Check out our top-rated options.

  1. Prince Charlie jacket with vest: The Prince Charlie jacket is paired up with the matching vest to create a sophisticated and coordinated look.
  2. Prince Charlie Jacket With Five Button Vest: Elevate the style of your look with this variation, which features a vest with five buttons that brings a unique touch to your ensemble.
  3. Charlie Prince Jacket: The Charlie Prince Jacket is a classic choice for elegance and refinement.
  4. Blue Prince Charlie Vest With Jacket: This stunning jacket is paired perfectly with the matching vest to create a look that epitomizes elegance and royalty.

We are proud to offer you a wide range of Scottish jackets, which embody both tradition and style. Select your Prince Charlie Jacket and show off your Scottish heritage in unmatched style.