Scotland Kilt Collection offers a large selection of kilt footwear. We have something to suit everyone, whether you are looking for casual shoes that go with your kilt, or Scottish Brogues. Each shoe is made with high-quality leather, and can be tailored to your specifications. Our selection of kilt hose and socks will complete your look. Our kilt shoe and hose collection, the heart of our site, promises you quality at an affordable price. You have many options to choose from when choosing a kilt boot. It depends on the event and your personal style. You may prefer to choose casual shoes that you can wear with your kilt for a more relaxed look. For example, our simple leather shoes. They are ideal for a walk in the park or errands. Our ghillie shoes are perfect if you want something more formal. These brogues can be worn either with or without a kilt and are available in many colors. No matter what your budget or style preferences are? The collection of Scotland Kilts will always have something to offer you!

Kilt Socks

Kilt hose are long stockings that are worn at the knee. The upper part is folded down and gathered to form a thicker cuff below the knee. These are made from wool, acrylic or a combination of both and come in many solid colors to match any tartan. You can also find them in diced patterns which are required for Highland dancers. Most hose are cream or off-white, which is the color of unbleached, natural wool. Pipers wear a brilliant white ‘pipers’ hose made from synthetic fiber. Piper hose is also distinguished by the fact that it has a textured ‘built-in cuff’ at the top.