What Does 5 or 8 Yard Kilt Means?

You might have heard of tartan kilts in 5 or 8 yards if you are a beginner to Men’s kilts. We will show you the differences between them and explain what they mean. This is a common question, and it’s often asked by young men or people who have never worn a custom-made Kilt in their lives.

The only thing that makes these yards different is the amount of fabric used. It might seem like this makes no difference to the appearance of your Kilt. You can read the next paragraph for more information about how different yards affect the appearance of a Kilt.

Let’s start with the weight. A kilt made from 5 yards of fabric will weigh 37% less than one made from 8 miles fabric. The weight value of a kilt is not fixed because it fluctuates with every tartan.

You can also see the pleats to tell the difference. While the 5 and 8 yard kilts will look identical on the front, the real difference lies on the back. An 8-yard kilt will have more pleats than a 5-yard kilt. Simply because the kilt maker used all the fabric, the 8-yard kilt will have more pleats than a 5-yard kilt.

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Which Kilt Should You Choose? Choose between a 5 or 8 yard kilt

You may now be wondering which one you should choose, a 5-yard kilt or an 8-yard kilt. You will need to consider where you will wear it before you can decide which one you want to wear. Because of its light weight, a 5-yard kilt can be used for daily use or worn to work.

If you want a more traditional Scottish kilt, then 8 yards is the right choice. Traditional Scottish kilts were made with 8 yards of wool fabric. If you’re looking for tradition, 8 yards is the best choice for your next Kilt.

The price difference between them is also important. It’s possible you already knew this, and I can confirm it! The 8-yard kilt costs more than the 5-yard one. Scotland Kilt Collection has a great selection of 8-yard kilts. They are both high quality, affordable, and highly customizable. Take a look at our Kilt Collection to see the difference in our prices to those of our competitors. Our Great Kilt is also available. It’s a traditional-style kilt.

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