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Scotland Kilt Collection is a Custom kilt manufacturer, impressed by European country, Handcrafted like kilt outfits, Utility kilts, Irish Kilts, Tartan Kilts, Camo Kilts, Sports Kilts, Leather Kilts, Hybrid Kilts, Jackets, Sporran, Bagpipes,  Argyle Jackets, Prince Charlie Jackets, Ghillie Shirts, Highland Dress accessories, ghillie brogues, and different Scottish kilt accessories for men and ladies for your active lifestyle. Easy, fast returns and secure payment! look at our quality designs now!

About Scotland kilt Collection

The 16th century saw the creation of the original Scottish Kilt. They once had some practical appeal. Because of the thick wool, long lengths, and open body design, Kilts were primarily worn by soldiers at first. This allowed for warmth and freedom of movement. Each kilt was handmade with pride by hand. There weren’t any kilt factories back then. They became a symbol for the Scottish heritage and culture and were worn by all.
The long-standing art and history of making kilts has been replaced by manufactured kilts, which have lost their quality and richness. Generic styles are continually being produced by machines, and they are made from cheap materials that don’t feel or look like the original.
We find this unacceptable at Scotland kilt collection. Scots should be proud of their culture. This means wearing kilts made from premium materials that honor that history. Each kilt is made by hand with high-quality materials. We believe in restoring kilt-making back to its original form.

Kilts made the traditional way

In 16th-century England, there was no factory or manufacturing plant when kilts first appeared. Every kilt was handmade by a tailor for the boy or man who would wear it. The kilt was made with great care and is a proud symbol for the wearer’s family.

Although the first kilt-makers were skilled artists, the art of kilt making has been lost over time. The factory has replaced the tailor shop with machines, and generic styles are being produced on assembly lines. The quality of a kilt has declined sharply as a result.

The Scotland kilt collection was created to bring back the traditional method and style of quilt making. Our 10 skilled tailors handcraft all of our kilts from the finest materials. We make every kilt to order, just like the skilled artisans of old. We can ship your kilt to you within 2 to 3 week, even though we hand-make it, just for you.

What we carry

Most people will think of the Scottish tartan Kilt when they hear the word kilt. These historical kilts are the symbol of Scotland because they were made with tartan materials. People often don’t consider other types of Kilts. Although it was true in the beginning, this is no longer the case.

Scotland Kilt Collection offers a wide range of kilts, beyond the standard tartan kilts. Utility kilts are also available that offer as much storage and functionality as style. We also have hybrid kilts, which combine the best of both tartan and utility Kilts. For those who wish to express themselves through kilt-wearing in an entirely different way, and who have more freedom when it comes time to wear them, leather and denim kilts can be found.

Our Beliefs

We are passionate about the manufacturing and wearing of kilts, but we also believe it is important to have a Scottish kilt collection. No matter what style you wear, every proud Scot should have a kilt that they can be proud to wear. We create high-quality, hand-made kilts that look great and feel great. We aim to make kilts which not only meet your expectations but also exceed them.

Spreading the love is our business.

Our culture and society are dear to us as much as any Scot. We strive to make them more popular as possible. We are proud to share our appreciation for those who work to bring Scottish history and culture back into modern times. We help every organization, commercial or not, with low-cost kilts that aid them in achieving their mission to spread culture or improve society. This applies to all who support the Scottish Highland Games and those who raise funds for cancer research and others. We want to support you if you make a social contribution.
High-Quality Kilts at Unbeatable Price
We are passionate about allowing everyone to wear a Kilt. Our top-quality kilts are affordable to everyone. Our workers are efficient and we source our materials in a way which minimizes our costs. This allows us to transparently lower the cost of our products for our customers.

Luxurious Materials

We want you to feel comfortable in the kilts that we make. However, we also want them to look great. That is why we only use premium materials for the design and construction of every kilt. Utility kilts made from 100 percent sapphire cotton are extremely soft and breathable. This makes them perfect for wearing even in the hottest summer days. This particular cotton has the softness and breeziness that you would expect from standard cotton. However, it is tougher and more durable than regular cotton due to its tight weave process.


We offer customization options for our kilts. You have more choices to express yourself with our tartan kilts than you can find in brick-and-mortar shops. You can also choose the type of hardware you want, including buttons and loops.
We offer a variety of accessories for kilts that can be used to enhance your look or create a complete Scottish kilt outfit. You will find a wide range of sporrans made out of a variety materials. These include kilt hoses, kilt flashes and kilt shoes. This allows you to create traditional Scottish kilt dresses by coordinating pieces from one shop.

Made to Measure

We want you to love your kilt. Not just the way it looks, but how it fits. We make each kilt to your exact measurements so that it fits perfectly straight out of the box. Simply fill out the size information (including your waist, hip, preferred length and fell measurements) when you place an order. Then we’ll begin to make your kilt as per your specifications.

Quick Delivery

You not only deserve a high-quality, authentic Scottish Kilt, but you also deserve it fast. Scotland Kilt Collection offers fast shipping, which is something that many other companies don’t offer. Our online orders are often delivered in a matter of weeks. We can expedite your orders and have your custom-made kilts shipped to you within three to four weeks, instead of three to four months.

You can love it or you can burn it

Scotland Kilt Collection is confident that you will love your Scotland kilt. We put so much love into every piece that we make. We trust our process and the final results but we also understand that ordering online can be a little bit confusing. This is true for kilts, too. We offer a unbeatable satisfaction policy, the Love it or Burn it Guarantee.

You can take the kilt you don’t like to a safe location and set it ablaze. To have your money back, simply burn the kilt and take a photo or video. This guarantee covers every part of your kilt. It includes any issues with stitching, workmanship, fabric quality, hardware quality, or finishing of any other features of manufacturing.

A kilt is more than the act of wearing one. It is a symbol of your Scottish heritage and a fashion statement. We value your love for kilt-wearing and will do our best to make sure you enjoy shopping with us. This includes the selection, ordering, wearing, and getting your refund if you aren’t completely satisfied with the item. There’s nothing to lose when you shop online with us. So, why not go to Scotland kilt Collection today to find your favorite kilt!

Explore our collection of kilts and Celtic wear now or feel free to contact us for shopping assistance at Scotlandkiltcollection@gmail.com