Ghillie Shirts: The Traditional Companion to the Kilt

Ghillie Shirts are also called Jacobite shirts or Jacobean shirts. They add a bit of Scottish tradition to a kilt. The shirts are comfortable and functional, and can be worn for semi-formal events and dances. A ghillie shirt’s distinctive feature is its leather lacing across the V-neck. This is similar to the style of lacing seen on Ghillie Brogues. Laces can either be left hanging down or tied into a knot to add security.

The term “ghillie”, which can also be found in ghillie shoes, refers to the lacing pattern. The ghillie shirt is considered to be more casual than the traditional shirt and waistcoat combo worn with kilts. Kilts were not invented until 1575, so ghillie-style shirts are older than kilts. They are ideal for dancing and ceilidhs as they allow air to flow. These shirts can be worn with or without ties, which makes them an excellent choice for weddings, parties and other informal events.

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