How do you travel With Kilts? Tips and Tricks

Are you planning to travel and you are thinking about how to carry your Scottish kilt? The process of traveling with a kilt could be challenging, especially when you travel by aircraft or are limited within your suitcase. But with some preparation and a few useful strategies, you’ll be able to take your kilt on the road with no difficulty. In this post we’ll go over some useful techniques and tips that can assist you with packing and putting on your kilt travelling.

How do you travel With Kilts - Tips and Tricks - Scotland kilt

Tips for Packing Your Kilt

The correct packing of your kilt is the very first step to make sure it arrives with perfect condition to the destination you want to go. Here are some suggestions to pack your kilt correctly:

Roll, Don’t Fold

In packing your kilt be careful not to fold it, because this could cause wrinkles and creases. Instead, you should roll the kilt in a tight manner to minimize the risk of wrinkles.

Use a Garment Bag

Make sure you invest in a clothing bag to safeguard your kilt transport. It will not just keep your kilt clear of dirt and dust but additionally protects it from damages.

Pack It in Your Carry-On

If you can, put the kilt inside the carry-on bag so that you avoid any chance of it being lost or damaged during transit. Be sure to inquire with your carrier regarding limitations on carry-on luggage.

How to Wear Your Kilt While Travelling

While traveling, wearing your kilt can be a fantastic method to reduce the size of your suitcase and also ensure the kilt remains free of wrinkles. Here are some suggestions on how to wear your kilt traveling:

Wear Your Kilt on the Plane

If you’re travelling on a plane, you should consider wearing your kilt while on the plane. This not only helps reduce the size of your bag but will also guarantee that the kilt is free of wrinkles.

Choose the Right Accessories

While traveling wearing your kilt accessories that are simple to carry and put on. Opt for a basic belt, sporran, and footwear which are comfortable to walk in.

Be Comfortable

It can be tiring to travel and it’s essential to dress in comfortable clothes. Select a light kilt constructed with breathable fabrics to make sure you’re comfortably throughout your trip.


Q: Is it possible to pack my kilt into the suitcase of a bag?

A: You could put your kilt inside an empty suitcase, however it’s crucial to properly pack it to avoid wrinkles and damages.

Q: Is it possible to carry my kilt on the plane security?

A: You are able to wear your kilt during security at airports. But, it is possible take off your sporran and belt prior to going to the metal detector.

Q: Is it possible to wear my kilt for the trail?

A: You are able to wear a kilt while on hikes. Be sure to select an kilt that is made of light and breathable material to make sure you’re comfortably.


The journey with a kilt could be difficult, but by planning a bit and some useful strategies, you will be able to take your kilt with you and dress it when you travel. Be sure to pack your kilt in a proper manner and wear a comfortable outfit make sure you choose a kilt constructed of breathable and lightweight fabric. If you follow these guidelines to travel, you will be able to carry your kilt in comfort and fashion. Therefore, you can have fun in your Scottish kilt!

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