Argyle Jackets

Argyle Jackets, the most common type of jacket to wear with a kilt. The jackets are very versatile, and can be worn for formal or semi-formal events. Argyle Jackets are unique in that they have a diamond pattern on the front. The cuffs are decorated with silver buttons and epaulets. The collar of the jacket is made out of silk. The jacket can also be made in different fabrics, such as barathea or tweed.

Prince Charlie Jackets

Prince Charlie Jackets can be worn with a Kilt. The jackets have satin lapels and tails at the back. For formal occasions, the jacket collar is silk and it’s usually worn with a three button vest and bow tie. For a more modern look, they can be worn with a five-button vest and a straight or ruche tie.

Doublets Clothing

The doublet is a jacket type that dates back to the 16th century. It’s still worn with kilts. The front of the jacket is buttoned. They are shorter than regular jackets. Doublets can be decorated with elaborate designs, and are available in different fabrics such as velvet or brocade. Doublets are usually worn at formal events like weddings and ceilidhs.

Doublets made by hand

Handmade doublets are the height of luxury. The finest fabrics are used and they are perfectly tailored. Each Handmade Doublet has been made to order and is unique, so it fits perfectly. Handmade Doublets can be decorated with elaborate embroidery and embellishments, making them perfect for formal events.

Kilt Vests

Kilt Vests, also known as sleeveless jackets, are worn on top of a shirt. Kilt Vests are shorter than regular jackets and can be made from tweed, velvet or other fabrics. Kilt vests are worn with Argyle Jackets and Prince Charlie Jackets for a traditional Scottish look. Kilt Vests can be worn with regular jackets for a more modern look.

The jacket that you wear with your kilt will depend on your personal taste and the occasion. Argyle Jackets and Prince Charlie Jackets are all part of the traditional Scottish look. They can be tailored to suit your taste. Scotland Kilt Collection guarantees that you’ll receive jackets and vests of the highest quality, tailored to your measurements and requirements.


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