Different types of Scottish Hats & Caps

Types of Scottish Hats

Traditional Scottish hats are made from wool and can be decorated with feathers, clan tartans, or checked bands. Knowing the differences between the three Types Of Scottish Hats will help you choose the right one.

  • Glengarry Bonnet
  • Balmoral Bonnet
  • Tam O’Shanter
  • Deerstalker Hat
  • Tam Beret
  • Flat Cap
  • Caubeen
  • Kilmarnock Bonnet
  • Bunnett

Glengarry Bonnet

The Glengarry bonnet was first worn in 1812. The Glengarry bonnet is a boat-shaped cap that has a creased top. A Glengarry bonnet may be embellished with a check band and a pom pom (called a torie) on the top. Ribbons are also attached to the back of the cap. The cap can be folded flat and stuffed into a pocket or waistband to make it easy to transport.

Balmoral Bonnet

The Balmoral bonnet was originally a soft knitted hat that had a tight-fitting band but a loose crown. It became more structured over time. Today’s Balmoral bonnet is made of stiff wool. The short crown is positioned to the right as the bonnet is worn. It may have a plain or checked band and a toorie at the crown’s middle, similar to the Glengarry bonnet. The ribbons of the Balmoral bonnet can be tied in a bow or left loose like the Glengarry bonnet.

Tam O’Shanter

The Tam O’ Shanter (also known as a Tam) was named after Robert Burns’s poem. It is similar in structure to the Balmoral bonnet. However, while the Balomoral bonnet has an extremely short crown, the crown on the Tam is longer and looser. The tams were often worn by soldiers, unlike the Glengarry and Balmoral bonnets, which were worn only by officers.

Flat Cap Stylish

For many people outside of Scotland and the British Isles, Tam, Glengarry, Balmoral and Tam are not a common part of their wardrobe. These traditional Scottish hats are used by other countries’ militaries. However, they aren’t often seen on the streets or in concrete jungles.

Flat caps are an exception to this rule. The flat cap, also known as the driving cap or golf cap, is a little more easy to spot out and about. Flat caps can be made from many fabrics including tartan, suede and fleece. Flat caps are most often made from tweed.

A toorie is unnecessary. A flat cap is the only traditional Scottish hat that does not have a hatband, but has a brim. The flat cap is made from a single piece of fabric and meets the bill. It’s stylish and functional.

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