The History of the Kilt

In Scotland, Kilts are a symbol of Scottish historical and cultural origins. They’re a timeless symbol of patriotism, kept in a safe location between occasions. 2. The term ‘kilt’ originated from the Norse word kilt meaning ‘pleated which refers to tucked-up or body-wearing clothes.

Kilts are considered to be formal attire or national by most Scots. Even though a few people wear kilts regularly daily, they are usually hired or owned for weddings and other formal occasions. They can be worn by any person regardless of background or nationality.

Scottish Kilts are Scotland’s most traditional clothing and have been worn with respect as a style statement, as well as protesting symbols throughout the ages.

The Story Behind Kilt

Kilts were first listed in 1538. The Gaelic-speaking Scots Highlander males wore them as full-length dresses. The knee-length kilt of today was not developed in the early 18th century.

Kilts used to be made of white, brown, or black. Mosses, plants, and berries were used to dye the wool of the clan members. They created plaids for different clans over time, using colors based on what natural dyes existed in the region. Tartan cloth was a result of these plaids.

The little kilt or the philibeg first emerged in the 17th century last decade. The bottom part of the kilt was folded into folds belted around the waist and is close to the knee. The second piece of cloth was tucked on the shoulder to keep warm and protected.

Kinds of Kilts

A tartan dress is an ideal and most impressive method to show your pride in your tartan. We’re committed to offering you the finest quality craftsmanship. Each kilt that we sell is made by hand, pleated, sewn, and crafted to your requirements by some of Scotland’s finest and most skilled kilt-makers. We’ll never offer anything less than the highest high-end kilts that money can buy.

When it comes to tartan colors, tartan, pleating, and the weight you can choose from a variety of options when you order your Kilt. So if you’re not certain of what you’d like to have, we suggest contacting us before making your purchase.

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