What’s The Traditional Kilt Worn in Scotland?

The kilt that is the traditional dress of Scotland is among the most well-known emblems of Scottish traditions and culture. The kilt has been worn throughout the centuries and remains in fashion today, not only in Scotland as well as around all over the globe. In this post, we’ll look into the beginnings of the kilt as well as the design and structure as well as the various types and styles that have come into fashion in the course of the years.

Origins of the Kilt

The roots of the kilt remain uncertain, but it’s thought to have originated as a style of clothing used by Scottish Highlanders around the sixteenth century. It was initially an oversized fabric that was tied around the body that was secured by belts. The cloak, called”belted plaid,” was originally worn to cover the body “Belted plaid,” was placed over a shirt, as a warm and protective layer against the elements.

In time, the belt was no longer needed because the kilt became an entirely separate piece of clothing. It was only one piece of fabric which was pleated, then tied around the waist while the remainder was wrapped around the shoulder. Its length was different in proportion to the wearer’s height as well as the quantity of fabric on hand.

Design and Construction

The traditional kilt from Scotland is made of wool. It is usually 8 or 9 yards long, depending on the amount of fullness desired by pleats. It’s pleated in the back with pleats firmly held with a strap made of leather called an”sporran. The front of the kilt appears smooth, and has a piece made of material known as an apron. It attaches to the waistband and then falls down to the knees.

The waistband of a kilt generally is around two inches in width and fastened using an elastic buckle. The kilt’s hem is secured by a belt of leather which is worn on the waist. The sporran is tiny pouche made from the fur or leather can be worn on the back of the kilt. It is utilized to store small objects.

Different Types of Kilts

There are a variety of kilts which have appeared in the past, each having a distinct appearance and style:

The Scottish Kilt, the oldest type of kilt is created out of tartan which is exclusive to a specific area or clan in Scotland.

The Irish Kilt, sometimes referred to as a saffron kilt is constructed from the color of saffron, yellow or orange. It is used in the hands of Irish dancers.

The Welsh Kilt, which is also known as the cilt, is constructed from tartan material made exclusively for Wales.

The Great Kilt, also known as the Breacan Feile is a huge chunk of cloth placed over the shoulders in the style of a cloak, and is fastened around the waist. It is used as a kilt a cloak or a blanket.

Patterns and Accessories

Belt buckles are an essential accessory used to secure the waistband of the Kilt. The buckle is usually made from metals like silver and pewter. It can also be inscribed with a pattern that symbolizes the wearer’s clan or the region of their home.

The kilt pin serves as an attractive item utilized to secure its front into its place. It’s worn over the apron just over the edge that is lower than the waistband. As with the belt buckle the kilt pin could have a design important for the person wearing it.

Fly plaids are an enormous section of fabric, that is slung over one shoulder and is fastened by a brooch. It’s typically constructed from the same tartan material as the kilt and provides additional warmth and security when it is cold.


Q: Is it possible to wear the Kilt?

Anyone can put on one. The kilt is an emblem of Scottish traditions and history and is widely worn worldwide.

Are the tartan patterns important?

A: The tartan pattern is important. Every region or clan comes with its distinctive tartan design, and it weaves into the cloth. The colors and patterns reflect various elements of Scottish society as well as history.

Q How can you tell what tartan to wear?

A: If you are of Scottish roots, you might recognize the tartan design connected to your clan or the region. If you do not have Scottish roots, you may pick a tartan that you enjoy or is significant to you.


The traditional kilt worn in Scotland is a distinctive and memorable piece of clothing that people have worn for long periods. The design and style of the kilt have changed over time however its importance as a symbol for Scottish traditions and history has not changed. When you put on a kilt on an occasion, or simply in your daily clothes, it will always be a part of Scotland and its long history. When you come across someone sporting a kilt, spend time to admire the quality of craftsmanship and history that are incorporated into this unique garment.

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