Tips for Men who are Short Wearing Kilts of Utility Kilts

Kilts for utility are rapidly becoming fashionable among males. Kilts are an excellent choice for those who want more mobility and freedom while playing or working and do not want to be restricted by the standard cargo or tactical pants.

There are many Kilt styles available, and some packed with features, it can be difficult to determine which kilt is going to give you the best amount of bang for your buck. Kilts are also a great way to get an amazing look for men that most people don’t have enough of.

The selection you make will depend on the event you are involved in or the look you’re trying to convey in your appearance. However, there’s one restriction to this, which can stop you from wearing one. You aren’t tall enough.

One thing that comes to your head is how men exude an air of masculinity and confidence when they’re not tall enough? Is it appropriate for you to dress in a Scottish kilt even if you’re not tall enough. The answer is a definitive YES!

Kilt Sizes

Kilt sizing isn’t like the size of a pair of pants. Kilts have adjustable fasteners which permit you to be fitted to them to fit your body. It is essential to remember that when wearing kilts the waist size is measured along the midriff and not the lower part of the waist, in contrast to the typical pair of pants.

In addition to waist sizes the modern utility kilts are available in different lengths that you can choose from. The norm is that Scottish kilts should be worn over the kneecap. However, what amount of protection that you require is dependent on you. As long as the Kilt is serving your needs and protecting you when you need it, other things are second-class.

We must admit that not all males (and women) have the an impressive height. The average person is various heights, ranging from short to very tall.

Typically, the length of your kilt’s drop will depend on the height you wish to put the kilt around your waist. Kilts are generally worn at the midpoint between the kneecaps. To measure the length of the kilt, the wearer should sit on the floor and let someone measure the length from the place where you think the top part of your kilt would rest, and then down towards the ground.

The way you wear your kilt is dependent on you and it’s up to personal preference. It is important to know that a kilt is worn in two ways, and you’ll be required to gauge to determine which one you prefer. For a ‘comfort’ fit, you can take measurements at the hips and waist similar to a pair of jeans as well as jeans. You can also measure on the belly for that traditional fitting’.

Many modern utility kilt wearers nowadays prefer to wear the kilts on the hips, but any position is acceptable. We at Scotland Kilt Collection, we suggest that, if sporting one of our Deluxe Kilts, you give the hip/waist posture a shot. We’ve found that this position is the most comfortable but it’s up to you to decide on your own personal preferences.

Modern Utility Kilts The fit is different

For the measurement that is recommended it is recommended to not go further than the hip-bone up at the mid-knee’s top or the highest point. This is to ensure that, when the kilt has removed from on the hips, it will not slide down or become too long.

Waist Measurement

To ensure a perfect fit, WAIST measurements should be taken with the same alignment as the hip bones. Your fit must be comfortable but not too tight. The basic notion is that it should fit in a similar way to the size of your trouser. It might be higher for larger men and less so for a slimmer person.

Be sure the measurement you choose to use is not too loose, since you don’t wish to see your kilt fall down. Because the kilt is a slightly higher than normal trouser, this measurement is likely to be larger than the trouser measurement.

Seat Measurement

For the best performance to the SEAT size The measurement must be taken at the widest point of your hips which is your stomach. Keep your feet in a straight line then cross them to ensure that they don’t get blocking the tape measurement.

Measure the widest point of your hips, to make sure that you have plenty of space for the kilt to move.

Length Measurement

For the LENGTH measure, it is best at the highest point of your hip bone. The maximum should be at the level of your navel. Find the top of your knee cap. You will be able to push into the knee cap. Tips for Short men wearing utility kilts, push it just a tiny bit beyond. Don’t look down or move your knees forward to avoid an inaccurate measurement.

This is the next step when determining the correct length of the kilt. The most common length for a kilt should be one third of the man’s total height. For instance, if you’re 6′ in height (182.88 cm) that is one third of that would be 2 feet, which is 24 inches, or 60.96 centimeters. The length must not exceed 1/3 for a hipster look.

The biggest issue for men who are short is whether they look nice in an edgy Kilt. Absolutely! Another suggestion we can provide you with when selecting your kilt is to avoid a kilt that is too large. Kilts can look nice when worn by people who are shorter However, you must ensure that the kilt is fitted well, as there’s some chance of error than for people who are average in height.

In all three of these dimensions what is the longest kilt’s drop is the one that decides the look. overall style regardless of the man’s height. The above basic guide can be used to check the relationship of height versus expected length of the kit. Don’t worry in the event that you do not agree. There are some men who have long arms and short legs. Or reverse.

No matter the size, the kilt’s drop shouldn’t extend beyond the kneecap. The standard size of the kilt ought to be slightly higher or near between the cap of your knee. To get the right length, do not measure yourself, but ask someone else to measure it for you.

To wrap up

If you’re a man with a small physique there is no reason to not join the kilted crowd. No matter what your size, you can appear stylish and handsome with an Kilt. Pick from the Scotland Kilt Collection collection of high-quality, hand-made Utility Kilts and get no-cost shipping.

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