How To Wear an Dinner Jacket With Tartan Trews?

How to dress for an event that is formal can be an overwhelming task, particularly when you are trying to show off your Scottish roots. The classic Scottish formal wear consists of coat, kilt and sporran. But some people don’t feel comfortable in the Kilt. However, there are many other alternatives to achieve the Scottish formal style One of these is wearing a formal evening jacket with tartan trews. Is this the right combination or unfashionable? In this piece we’ll look at the possibility of wearing an evening jacket with tartan Trews, and the best way to dress the look to make you appear your best.

Are you able to wear a dinner Jacket wearing Tartan Trews?

Yes, it is possible to wear an evening jacket with tartan trews. But there are some rules you must follow so that you don’t end up in a fashion disaster. These are the rules to follow when pairing an evening jacket with tartan Trews:


  • Select a properly-fitting dinner jacket It should sit perfectly on your shoulders and shouldn’t be too restrictive or sloppy. Opt for an navy or black jacket that focuses on the tartan and trews.
  • Select the correct tartan The tartan you choose should be a part of your family’s clan, or fit for the celebration. If you’re uncertain about which tartan you’d like to wear ask a professional in tartan or dress in an unobtrusive tartan like dress stewart or blackwatch.
  • Put on a dress shirt A clean black or white dress shirt is the ideal alternative for an event that is formal. It should be well-fitted and properly tucked into.
  • Make sure you wear an elegant bow tie or silk tie of solid hue to compliment the tartan Trews. Select brown or black leather shoes to match your jacket.


  • Do not wear a tartan jacket A tartan jacket with tartan trews can be hectic and overpowering. Choose a simple dinner jacket, to offset the tartan Trews.
  • Do not mix tartans. mixing different tartans is a style blunder. Keep to a single tartan for an elegant and cohesive style.
  • Do not wear a belt. Trews are usually put on with braces or suspenders but not a belt. If you have to put on a belt, be sure that it’s discreet and black.
  • Do not over-accessorize. Avoid wearing numerous accessories, such as Cufflinks or pocket squares and lapel pins. Make sure to keep it clean and simple.

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What is the best way to style a dinner Jacket using Tartan Trews?

If you’ve learned the proper and wrong ways for wearing a jacket with tartan trews this is how you can style the tartan trews:

  • Pick a tartan pattern to match your body tone and skin kind. If you’re slim and tall pick a bold tartan style. If you’re tall or short opt for a soft or subtle tartan design.
  • Wear the tartan trews in conjunction with a simple dress shirt in black or white. Be sure that the dress garment fits properly and matches the tone of your skin.
  • You can wear a black or navy blue dining jacket that matches perfectly and complements the tartan patterns.
  • Add bow ties or a silk tie with the solid shade that matches the tartan design. Choose brown or black sneakers that go with the jacket.

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Q. What is the best way to wear a tartan jacket paired with tartan Trews?

A. The wearing of an tartan jacket that has tartan trews on it isn’t suggested. It could look cluttered and overpowering. Choose a simple evening jacket to counterbalance the tartan trifles.

Q. Do I have the ability to mix tartans and my tartan Trews?

A. The answer is no, you shouldn’t to mix tartans from different sources. Choose one tartan to ensure an unison and professional style.

Q. Should I put on an elastic belt to match my tartan Trews?

A. In general, trews can be used with suspenders or braces and not belts. If you have to use a belt, be sure that it’s dark and discrete.

Q. What kind of footwear should I put on to go with my formal dress and tartan on trews?

A. Choose brown or black leather shoes to match your jacket. Do not wear sneakers or casual shoe.


Dressing in a formal dinner jacket that has tartan trews could be an ideal way to display your Scottish roots at an official occasion. It’s essential to adhere to a few basic guidelines in order in order to avoid fashion disasters. Select a properly-fitted jacket for dinner and pick a tartan that is appropriate or dress shirt and dress appropriately. Make sure to stay clear of mixing tartans, putting on the tartan jacket along with the tartan trews and over-accessorizing. If you follow these guidelines and you will be able to wear an elegant dinner jacket with tartan trews, and appear the best for any formal gathering.

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