What Are The Best Shoe Styles To Pair With A Kilt?

The best shoe styles to pair with a kilt depend on the formality of the occasion and your personal style. However, some of the most popular and traditional shoe styles for kilts include:

Ghillie brogues:

These shoes are characterized by their long laces that wrap around the ankle and calf. They are a traditional choice for formal events, such as weddings and ceilidhs.

Day brogues:

These shoes are similar to ghillie brogues, but they have shorter laces and a tongue. They are a good choice for semi-formal occasions.

Oxford shoes

These shoes are a classic and versatile choice that can be worn with both formal and casual kilts.­

Derby shoes

These shoes are similar to oxfords, but they have open lacing. They are a good choice for casual kilts.

Boots shoes

Boots can be a good choice for kilts, especially if you are wearing them for outdoor activities. However, they should be tall enough to cover your ankles.

No matter what style of shoe you choose, make sure that they are made of high-quality leather and that they fit well. You should also avoid wearing sneakers or sandals with a kilt, as these are not considered to be formal footwear.

Here are some additional tips for choosing the right shoes for a kilt:

Match the color of your shoes to the color of your kilt. This will create a more cohesive and stylish look.

Consider the formality of the occasion. For more formal events, you will want to wear dress shoes, such as ghillies or oxfords. For more casual events, you can get away with wearing boots or derbies.

Pay attention to the details. Make sure that your shoes are well-made and that they fit well. You should also avoid wearing shoes with flashy or distracting details.

With a little bit of thought, you can easily choose the perfect pair of shoes to complement your kilt and complete your outfit.

How to Choose the Right Shoe Size When Wearing a Kilt

Finding the correct shoe size for your kilt is crucial to a stylish and comfortable look. The right shoes will complete any outfit, whether you are attending a formal function or just embracing your Scottish heritage. This blog will explore how to select the correct shoe size for a kilt. It’s important that you get a good fit, and look great.

How to Measure your feet

It’s essential to accurately measure your feet before you begin shopping for new shoes. You can use a ruler or tape measure to determine the exact length of the foot from heel to longest toe. The measurement you take will be used to determine the correct shoe size.

Take into consideration the style of shoe:

Your personal taste and the occasion will determine what type of shoes you wear. Ghillie Brogues (lace-up shoes without tongue) and Prince Charlie Shoes, formal dress shoes, are two traditional options. Depending on the level of formality, you can wear loafers or formal dress shoes. Knowing what style you prefer will allow you to narrow your choices.

Use the shoe size conversion charts:

Shoes sizes vary from country to country and sometimes even among different brands. Refer to the international conversion chart for shoe sizes. You can use these charts to match the shoe size of your feet with the equivalent sizes for other regions such as Europe, America, United Kingdom and more.

You can try on different sizes:

It’s important to test out different sizes of shoes once you know your general shoe size. It’s important to try on different sizes to get the right fit. Shoe sizes can vary, so it is important to find the right fit.

Take note of the width:

Consider the width of your foot in addition to its length. Shoes come in various widths, including narrow, medium and wide. Shoes with adjustable straps or a wider fitting can be more comfortable if you have wide feet. Prioritizing comfort over squeezing into too-narrow shoes is always a good idea.

Think about Insoles and Cushioning

Consider using cushioning inserts to improve comfort. They can improve your shoe’s fit and add extra cushioning to your feet. They can help you reduce fatigue and discomfort if your plan to wear the shoes for a long time.

Do not forget to break them in:

It’s crucial to break in your shoes before you wear them on a long-term basis. You can wear your shoes for short time periods around your house to let the material mold to your foot shape and provide optimal comfort with your kilt.

Which type of socks should I wear with my kilt and shoes?

Traditional Scottish kilts are not just a sign of pride in the country, but they also make a statement about fashion that requires careful consideration. The right socks are essential for completing your outfit. The perfect pair of socks will enhance your look while providing comfort all day. This blog will help you make the right choice of socks for your kilt and shoe.

What Are The Best Shoe Styles To Pair With A Kilt?

The Traditional Kilt:

Traditional kilt socks are the best option if you’re looking to embody Scottish Highland attire. The socks, which are knee-high and made of wool, feature intricate designs called kilt tops or garters. Kilt hose, also known as kilt tops or garters, are traditionally off-white to cream colored and designed to be worn folded just below the knee. These kilt hose add elegance to any outfit, while also keeping legs warm.

Tartan Kilt Hose:

Tartan kilt socks are a great option for those who want to bring a splash of color to their outfit. The socks can be made in a tartan pattern that matches your kilt, or incorporate complementary colors. These kilt socks are a great way to show off your clan’s heritage, or just express yourself. These hose are popular for weddings and formal occasions.

Argyle socks:

Choose argyle socks for a contemporary, versatile style. The diamond-patterned socks come in many colors to match any kilt or shoe combination. The argyle pattern adds a modern touch to a classic look. Choose a colour that complements or matches your shoes or kilt to create a stylish and cohesive look.

Solid Color Socks:

Solid color socks will give you a subtle and understated look. For example, black or navy socks can blend seamlessly with your shoes and kilt, keeping the attention on the kilt. They are also versatile, as you can pair them with various kilts or shoes to suit different occasions.

Sock Garters:

Consider using sock garters to keep your kilt hose in place. The elastic band is worn below the knee and prevents the socks from sliding. These garters are not just practical, but they also give your Highland outfit an authentic touch. You can choose from a variety of designs, including simple elastic bands or intricate patterns.


What are the best shoe styles to pair with a kilt?

The best shoe styles to pair with a kilt include traditional Ghillie brogues, black formal shoes, brown brogues, plain black dress shoes, and ankle boots. These options complement the kilt’s traditional and formal nature while providing comfort and style.

Can I wear sneakers with a kilt?

While it is generally not recommended to wear sneakers with a kilt, fashion is subjective, and some individuals may choose to create a more casual look by pairing their kilt with clean, minimalistic sneakers. However, it is important to consider the occasion and overall style you want to achieve.

Are there any specific shoe colors that go well with a kilt?

Yes, there are specific shoe colors that go well with a kilt. For a traditional look, black, brown, or tan-colored shoes are the most common choices. However, you can experiment with other colors that complement the colors of your kilt, such as burgundy or dark green, to create a unique and personalized style.

Can I wear boots with a kilt? 

Yes, you can wear boots with a kilt. Ankle boots, especially in black or brown leather, can be a stylish and versatile choice when paired with a kilt. They offer a more rugged and contemporary look while maintaining a sense of traditional Scottish attire.

What footwear should I avoid when wearing a kilt?

When wearing a kilt, it is generally best to avoid footwear that contradicts the formal or traditional nature of the garment. This includes athletic shoes, flip-flops, or any overly casual footwear. It is advisable to choose footwear that complements the kilt’s elegance and cultural significance.

What type of socks should I wear with my kilt and shoes?

When wearing a kilt and shoes, it is customary to wear knee-high socks known as kilt hose. These socks are usually made of wool and come in various patterns and colors to match your kilt and overall outfit.

Are there any specific guidelines for choosing kilt hose?

Yes, there are a few guidelines to consider when selecting kilt hose. Firstly, the color of your socks should complement or match the tartan pattern of your kilt. Secondly, the length of the socks should reach just below the knee to ensure they stay in place and create a seamless appearance.

Can I wear any type of shoes with kilt hose?

Traditionally, it is recommended to wear ghillie brogues or kilt shoes with kilt hose. Ghillie brogues are lace-up shoes specifically designed for Highland dress. However, other formal dress shoes can also be worn as long as they complement the overall look and style of your outfit.

How should I wear kilt hose correctly?

To wear kilt hose correctly, roll the socks down to create a folded cuff at the top. Then, pull them up your legs, ensuring that the socks reach just below the knee. Make sure they are snug but not overly tight, allowing freedom of movement and maintaining comfort throughout the day.

Are there any alternatives to traditional kilt hose?

If you prefer alternatives to traditional kilt hose, you can consider wearing tartan knee socks or argyle socks. Tartan knee socks feature the tartan pattern and are a stylish choice for those who want a contemporary twist. Argyle socks, with their diamond pattern, can also be paired with a kilt and create a unique look.

What are Ghillie Brogues?

Ghillie Brogues are a traditional Scottish footwear style that is worn primarily with Highland clothing, such as kilts. These are lace up shoes with laces that wrap the ankles in a crisscross design. Ghillie Brogues are known for the distinctive design. They are worn at formal events such as weddings and ceilidhs.

What makes Ghillie Brogues different than regular brogues?

Ghillie Brogues are distinguished from regular brogues by their design and lacing. Ghillie Brogues are distinguished by their long laces which wrap around the ankles. The laces then are tied in a distinctive pattern of crisscross, giving the shoes an old-fashioned look.

Ghillie Brogues are suitable for what occasions?

The Ghillie Brogues are worn in Scotland for formal events, such as weddings and ceilidhs. They are also suitable for other formal gatherings. Bagpipers and Scottish Dancers also wear them. Ghillie Brogues are a great choice for those who love Scottish heritage, and appreciate traditional clothing.

How do I take care of my Ghillie Brogues?

Follow these steps to properly care for Ghillie Brogues:

Clean : Wipe away any dirt or debris with a soft brush or cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive material.

Polish : Use a leather cream or polish to keep the shoes supple and maintain their shine. The instructions that come with the leather polish should be followed.

Drying: Allow shoes to air dry at room temperature. Avoid placing the shoes near heat sources as this may damage the leather.

Storage: Store your Ghillie Brogues when not in use in a cool and dry place. Preferably in a shoe box or bag to protect them against dust and moisture.

Can women wear Ghillie brogues?

Ghillie brogues are suitable for women. Although they are typically associated with Highland clothing for men, many women choose to wear them at formal Scottish events and as a fashion statement. Women’s Ghillie Brogues come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different tastes and requirements

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