Argyll jackets, a traditional Scottish attire

Argyll jackets are unique and stand out from other jackets. It is designed to be shorter, with gauntlet sleeves, pockets flaps and a cutaway in the front. This makes it perfect for pairing it with a sporran or kilt. In Scotland, the Argyll jacket is often worn as a daytime jacket.

Scotland Kilt Collection has a variety of accessories, including the Argyle Jacket and kilts to complete your Scottish traditional outfit. Argyle Jackets are a key component in highland dress, and they’re traditionally made of warm wool. The Argyle Kilt Jacket exudes an impressive traditional look, with its gauntlet sleeves, pocket flaps and dignified pocket for a handkerchief on the left. Two inside pockets allow you to carry your equipment with ease.

This jacket’s front cutaway allows it to be worn with a sporran. This jacket also features two braided shoulder buttons and two epaulets. Argyle jackets can be worn at both formal and informal events. Scotland Kilt Collection provides customization options for colors, sizes and designs to ensure that your jacket matches your personality.

Materials Used:

The Argyle Jackets can be made from a variety of fabrics depending on what the client wants. Scotland Kilt Collection provides Argyle Kilt jackets in fabrics like serge wool and tweed. The fabric choices available provide a variety of options for customers.


The Argyle Jackets are decorated with chrome buttons. The buttons are used to decorate the jacket front, vest, shoulders and sleeves. They add elegance and pride to the garment.


On the front, the Kilt Vest is made of the same material as the jacket. Kilt Vests are made from satin on the back, and include a belt to adjust your waist. Scottish Vests have two outside pockets, but no inside pockets. Its aesthetic value is enhanced by the chrome button at the front. Browse the full range of Argyle jackets offered by Scotland Kilt Collection.

The following are the top selling Scottish jackets from our Scotland Kilt Collection.

Scotland Kilt Collection has a wide range of Argyle jackets that will suit all tastes and budgets.