Which Countries Have Kilts?

The clothes you wear are a key to the expression of one’s personality and culture, as well as tradition and even background. In this article, we’re going to discuss the traditional Highlander attire that has gained immense popularity all across the world. Highlanders are most famous for their belts which are elongated skirts that are knee-length of clothing. Highlanders weren’t the only ones to wear the kilt, so should you be interested in learning which countries wear kilts keep reading and make sure to give this article a study.

Ten years ago it was just Ireland and Scotland had the Kilts. The world has now adopted the latest fashions in Fashion Kilts which are in high demand across the globe. Although kilts belong to the traditional culture that is shared by the two countries of Ireland and Scotland they are a fashion that can be worn by any person without any restrictions.

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Would you know that the English have Kilts?

In those of the British Isles, the Kilts are generally associated with Scotland and not as much associated with Ireland. However, young British boys began wearing Kilts around the time of the 1840s. Kilts are worn by boys as dress-wear.

Do the Irish wear Kilts?

As I mentioned earlier, Kilts are as much part of Irish culture as they are of Scotland. Although Kilts came into fashion after Ireland but both countries are awash with of this particular piece of clothing. The two countries Ireland and Scotland are rich in Celtic culture. Kilts are an expression of pride in Celtic culture. Both countries wear the kilt but there are a few differences between the styles.

Who was the first to wear Kilts first?

The first people to wear Kilts at the time were in 1538. They were Gaelic Highlanders who lived in Scotland. In the beginning, Kilts were tailored to be lengthened to almost the ankle. As the fashion trends changed and kilts became smaller. The ideal length is the knees. Also, the length of the ankle. Kilts could be worn by Scottish people during the 18th century.

What was the reason and when did it happen that Kilts were outlawed in Scotland?

In the past, Kilts were worn as the battleground uniform which gave the dress the status of a symbol of Scottish heritage. At the time of Culloden, the Jacobites were defeated in the war for independence in 1746, which was the year when the Kilts were banned by England. Kilts were prohibited for nearly 26 years and were reinstated in 1746 with severe punishments. The 19th century was the time when The Royal Family accepted the Kilts as a correct way of dressing once more.

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Final words:

If you love Kilts and are interested in its history, this article has the answer to your questions. We have thoroughly explored the various countries that wear kilts as well as the significance of this attire along with some background information. The kilt symbolizes the pride of all connected to their Celtic Heritage. Countries who wear Kilt as a part of their culture comprise Ireland as well as Scotland.

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