What Shoes To Wear With A Kilt?

When you imagine a kilt-wearing outfit most of the time, shoes aren’t the first item you think of. This is understandable because the vibrant colours of a kilt will be the first thing your eyes will see however, that doesn’t mean that the shoes are less significant. The shoes you put on when you wear a kilt are the final element to your outfit. They provide a unique touch of fashion to your outfit and thus deserve some additional focus.

The type of shoe you choose to wear will depend on the occasion you’re going to. If you’re wearing a kilt for an excursion walking, hiking boots or wellies are the best choice, but when you are wearing a kilt for an event that is more formal brogues are the best choice to take.

The word”brogue” comes from Gaelic brog (Irish) brog (Scottish) which means shoe. The modern brogues date in the early 16th century, and were originally designed to be used for walking outdoors. Are you curious about about the function of the tiny perforated holes that are located on the sole of a brogue are? They are certainly fashionable today, but in the beginning they were created to let water go away from the shoes when walking on boggy or wet terrain. Brogues in the past were typical or work-class shoes and could not be worn for formal occasions. Nowadays, however, brogues are the preferred option when it comes to the kilt look.

In general, there are two primary kinds of brogues that you can choose from when you are putting together your kilt-wearing outfit. Ghillie Brogues are the first choice and have two major differences to other kinds of brogues. The first is that ghillie brogues do not have tongues, which would have allowed brogues to dry rapidly. Another difference is that ghillie brogues sport long laces which are wrapped around the ankles of wearers and are tied below the calves. The reason for the lengthy laces is to keep them from the dirt and mud. Ghillie brogues are a favorite for formal occasions like weddings , and Ceilidhs and are considered to be the traditional style of footwear to wear with an outfit in a kilt.

The other alternative can be Day Brogues which are sometimes called, particularly within the United States, Wingtips due to the shape of the W in the top of the shoe cap. Day brogues also feature decorative holes in the cap of the toe, but they have shorter tongues and laces. They are definitely appropriate for any occasion. They’re a good choice for those who desire the simplicity of tying regular laces as well as the convenience of wearing the brogues to any event.

You can choose to wear any kind of elegant shoe to match your kilt , but we recommend a great pair of ghillie and day-brogues. They come in a variety of kinds of styles and styles which will make it easy for you to choosing a pair to match your specific outfit. A great pair of brogues that are well maintained can last for a long time therefore they’re a good investment.

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What type of shoes are best to wear with a kilt?

The most traditional footwear to wear with a kilt is a pair of knee-high socks called kilt hose, along with a pair of brogues. Brogues are typically made of leather with decorative perforations and are available in a variety of styles and colors. Dress shoes, loafers, or boots can also be appropriate depending on the occasion and the style of the kilt.

Can I wear sneakers or athletic shoes with a kilt?

Sneakers or athletic shoes are generally not recommended to wear with a kilt, as they can clash with the traditional Scottish attire. However, if you are attending a casual event, you can wear a pair of clean, plain white sneakers or trainers that match the color of your kilt.

What color shoes should I wear with a kilt?

The color of the shoes to wear with a kilt depends on the color of the kilt itself. Black or brown leather shoes, such as brogues, are the most commonly worn with kilts, but navy blue or burgundy shoes can also be worn depending on the outfit. If you are wearing a tartan kilt, try matching the color of your shoes to one of the dominant colors in the tartan.

Should I wear socks with my kilt and shoes?

Yes, it is customary to wear kilt hose, which are knee-high woolen socks, with your kilt and shoes. Kilt hose usually feature a decorative turnover at the top, known as a garter flash, which matches the tartan of your kilt. The socks should be worn with garters or flashes to keep them in place.

What shoes should I wear with a kilt if I am attending a formal event?

If you are attending a formal event, such as a wedding or black-tie dinner, you should wear dress shoes with your kilt. Patent leather shoes are the most formal option, but black or brown leather dress shoes can also be appropriate. The shoes should be polished and clean, and worn with kilt hose and flashes to complete the formal look.

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