Wallace Tartan Utility Kilt

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The Wallace Tartan Utility Kilt is a must-have for anyone with Scottish heritage. This kilt is made of easy-care acrylic wool, so you can wear it to any casual gathering or athletic event without worry. The two fabric straps and adjustable fit make this kilt comfortable and stylish, while the Flapped with Button Type pockets add a touch of utility. Get your custom-made Wallace Tartan Utility Kilt today!

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Introducing the Wallace Tartan Utility Kilt! This stylish and practical kilt is perfect for any Scottish lass or lad who wants to enjoy the best of both worlds. Made from easy-care acrylic wool, this kilt is stain-resistant and easy to clean, making it ideal for casual gatherings or athletic events. It features two fabric straps for closure and an adjustable option, so you can always get the perfect fit. Whether you’re wearing it for a traditional Scottish event or just for fun, the Wallace Tartan Utility Kilt is sure to turn heads. So grab one today and show your Scottish pride in style!

  • Material: Acrylic Wool
  • Fabric: Tartan
  • Style: Utility
  • Type: Scottish/Highland
  • Pockets: Flapped with Button
  • Adjustability: 2″ downwards
  • Size: Made to Order

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