Scottish National Tartan Kilt Outfit

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Enjoy traditional Scottish style and comfort with the Scottish National Tartan Kilt Outfit. This eleven-piece set is perfect for any formal event or special occasion – from weddings to graduations! The Argyle jacket and vest are tailored to fit the wearer in luxurious comfort, while the Formal Dress Wedding shirt offers a distinctive look. Accessorize your kilt with an elegant Ruche tie, Plain leather belt, Celtic Knot kilt belt buckle, and optional R.S.

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The Scottish National Tartan Kilt Outfit is a must-have for any formal occasion. The complete 11-piece set includes an Argyle jacket with vest, Formal Dress Wedding shirt, Ruche tie, Tartan kilt, Plain leather belt, and Celtic Knot kilt belt buckle – all in exquisite detail. The traditional colors of the tartan combined with modern craftsmanship make this outfit look both timeless and stylish.

  • Item: Kilt Outfit
  • Total Items: 11
  • Jacket: Argyle/Black Serge Wool
  • Shirt: Formal Dress Wedding/ White Cotton
  • Tie: Ruche/White
  • Kilt: Tartan/Scottish National
  • Belt: Plain/Black Genuine Leather
  • Buckle: Celtic Knot/Chrome Finish
  • Sporran: Black/Rabbit Fur
  • Kilt Pin: Sword/Chrome Finish
  • Shoes: Black/Genuine Leather
  • Hose: Black/Acrylic Wool
  • Flashes: Tartan/Scottish National
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