New Pantatonic Lyre Harp

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The new Pantatonic Lyre Harp is a 7-stringed musical instrument made of Rosewood/Sheesham wood with a natural grain finish. It comes with a complimentary cushioned carrying case made of polyester cloth with foam cushioning. The Lyre has Metal/Chrome Strings Finish and a Metal Tuning Key with a Wooden Grip. This makes it the perfect instrument for music lovers who appreciate the finer things in life.

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The Pantatonic Lyre Harp with 7 Strings is a beautifully crafted instrument made of Rosewood/Sheesham Wood with a natural grain finish. The Lyre comes with 7 rosewood strings and a metal tuning key with a wooden grip. This instrument is perfect for those who enjoy music and wish to add a touch of beauty to their home. The Lyre Harp style is perfect for any room and the natural grain finish will complement any décor. The complimentary cushioned carrying case makes it easy to take the Lyre Harp with you wherever you go.

  • Material: Rosewood/Sheesham
  • Finish: Polish with Natural Grain
  • Engraved: No/Plain
  • Strings: Metal/Chrome Finish
  • Style: Lyre Harp
  • Type: Music Instrument
  • Strings: 7
  • Tuning Key: Metal with Wooden Grip

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