Mens Event Kilts Guide

With wedding season just around the corner, it’s likely that you’re still making plans for your wedding’s specifics. Maybe you’re invited to a celebration and aren’t sure about what kind of men’s formal attire is appropriate for the occasion.
Don’t worry! This article is equally helpful to you. This is a great guide that will give you everything you need to create an informed kilt purchase for any event.


Before we get any further take a look at what an Irish Kilt is and how it came into existence.

The kilt first appeared in the middle ages in Scotland and Ireland where clans would wear specific skirts, which consisted of a 5-meter woolen fabric that was wrapped and tied across the waist. The type of dress is known as a “kilt. A full-length kilt comes with an upper portion that can be used as a cloak or Hood. The kilt of the past symbolized a distinct clan (tartan) and was considered an indication of respect. It was considered a sign of respect for males since women were not allowed to wear the kilts of the past.

The feileadh or kilt changed during the period of the 16th century. A little less than 50% of its top portion was taken off and left a skirt as well as a belt. It is known today as the Small Kilt.

Is it better to lease or purchase a formal dress KILT ATTIRE?

The first decision is whether you should buy or rent a piece of men’s formal dress. We typically recommend buying your outfit if there are several events coming up in the next couple of years. The biggest advantage of buying rather than renting multiple times each year lies in the price. Renting more than once could lead to spending more than purchasing an outfit.

Another advantage is that kilts last for a long time as they can pass on over generations. Without a doubt, it’s an investment in the long run.

Find online stores such as Scotland Kilt Collection which offers many kilts available at a reasonable price. Scotland Kilt Collection is a Scotland Kilt Collection trademark is an excellent traditional tartan kilt. Our selection offers a broad selection of styles, versatility, and a commitment to customer satisfaction by providing quality products at reasonable prices.

Which TARTAN should be used for the KILT FOR MEN?

The tartan design that is used on a kilt can be described as a sett. It is a reference to the pattern of weave thread weight, thread counts, and color scheme. Although they are not patent-pending and don’t have restrictions in the law regarding who can wear them, the majority of them belong to the clan. That means there are social rules for who can wear the setts. If you’re not sure of your clan’s tartan, consider looking online for your family tree. Enter your surname and discover which clan you are a member of and then find the right tartan sett for your Kilts.

If you don’t have direct connections to any clan, however, there is some Irish kilts in the world including Black Watch

We offer a wide assortment of women’s and men’s tartans. Our Kilts are completely flexible, woven wool with a low weight, which is easily adjusted. No matter what the occasion whether formal or casual dress, we have the kilt suitable for you!

The different components of a Kilt FOR MEN

Apron – It’s the unpleated portion between the kilt and the front which overlaps.
Pleat – It’s a folded-in fabric that is sewn on top of itself. The back of most Kilts is made of pleats.
Small Kilt– This kilt covers the lower half of the body from the waist down up to your knees. This is probably the most popular male kilt.
Gorgeous kilt full– length kilt that can be draped around the upper body.
Kilt Straps– They secure the kilt with buckles that are to the sides.
Kilt Pin – It is an elegant piece that is placed on the apron’s cover but it is not able to tie the flap.
Sporran – A classic skin pouch, which is placed on the back of the men’s Irish Kilts, adorned with fur. Today, there are many stylish leather purses on the market.

What is the best way to wear a traditional Kilt FOR WEDDINGS OR formal events?

Kilts are an incredibly versatile dress that can be worn for any occasion. It can be used for dance programs as well as casual celebrations. It can be worn even at weddings!

What is the best way to wear it? The groom may dress in a formal kilt outfit for weddings that are traditional Irish weddings. The groom may wear a Brian Boru jacket (named after an Irish warrior king) with a white tuxedo dress with bow and knee socks that have tartan-colored ribbons Sporran with shamrock trimming along with Ghillie Brogue footwear.

Make sure you have the proper accessories for kilts for males while getting ready for an event formal. Kilts for men can be paired with a waistcoat, coat tie, necktie, shirt as well as socks (knee socks). You can also add a small dagger for a ceremony with just the blade exposed to give a more authentic appearance. It’s worn partially hidden inside the hose, referred to as sgian dubh. The small tartan pieces attached to the hose provide a different option that should be worn in conjunction with the tartan on your kilt. These are referred to in the Sock Flashes.

The best way to wear A KILT is to wear it not too low

No matter if you like the traditional kilt or modern kilts for males it is important to ensure that you’re wearing it in a proper manner. First, make sure that you’re placing it in the right place. The waistline of your kilt must be at the same height as your belly button. Also, no shirt can be seen between your waistcoat and the kilt. The kilt should be placed so that its centerline is in line with the waistcoat buttons. It is also important to make sure that the kilt has the correct length. Kilts that are either too short or too large could look feminine, so it is best to finish in the knee. Based on an old military tradition the knee should not touch the ground when you bend your knees.

The only reliable method to determine the correct length is to get it taken by someone else. Make sure that the kilt is put on with pleats on the back.


There are certain points to be aware of when checking the quality before purchasing the kilt. The first thing you should look for is the manufacturing process.

A kilt made by hand from an authentic vendor is one of the highest quality. A kilt made by hand will be more flexible and drape flatteringly across the body, specifically for slimmer men or those who have a long hip.

A kilt made by hand also is of high-end quality that a kilt made by machines is not able to match. But, be aware that the quality of craftsmanship is expensive.

We suggest making direct contact with suppliers and buying a complete outfit for your kilt from a reliable Kilt shop. When searching for the perfect Kilt, choose an establishment that has been producing high-quality kilts over the years.

Scotland Kilt Collection carries on the long tradition of producing top-quality clothes and selling goods across the globe. The elegant kilt is secured by wide natural leather belts. It has stunning belt loops on the rear, and it is fastened by the correct pins for the kilt. The man’s kilt can be worn on any occasion with class.

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