How To Find Your Family Tartan?

Have you been fascinated by the vibrant and rich designs of tartan? Have you ever wondered what your family’s distinctive tartan pattern? Tartan is a symbol of deep Scottish tradition, has a huge symbolic significance in terms of culture and personal value. The process of finding your family tartan may be an interesting experience that helps you connect to the past and lets you to be a part of your identity. In this post we’ll guide you through the steps to find your family tartan. From learning about the past and styles of tartan, to investigating and locating the ideal style for your needs.

How To Find Your Family Tartan?


Tartan has a lengthy and rich history that dates from the Scottish Highlands. The distinct crisscross pattern and intricate color schemes makes tartan immediately recognized. If you are of Scottish family ties or simply love the elegance of tartan discovering your family’s distinctive tartan is a worthwhile undertaking. Let’s explore the fascinating realm of tartan to unravel the secrets to uncovering the unique piece of your family’s ancestral cloth.

The Meaning of Tartan and the significance of it

The history of Tartan

Tartan has been weaving into the cloth of Scottish culture for a long time. The origins of the tartan go to the early Celts wearing the woven fabric with vibrant patterns. As time passed, tartan developed and became a sign of family ties and pride in family, as well as expressing regional identity. Knowing the history behind tartan will help increase your appreciation of its importance to Scottish society.

The Symbolism behind Tartan

Each tartan is a distinct symbolism and represents various clans, districts or even organizations. Patterns, colors, and thread count contribute to the distinctiveness of every tartan. In particular, certain shades may be associated with particular characteristics or the connection to the natural world, while patterns could represent events from history or individual achievements. The meaning of tartans could provide an insight into the history and culture of your family’s ancestors.

Investigating Different Tartan Types

Tartan is available in a variety of styles, each with distinct purposes. We’ll look at the various styles of tartan you’ll encounter during your search for the family tartan.

Clan Tartans

Clan tartans are among the most widely known. They’re tied to specific Scottish clans and are a reflection of their distinct heritage. If you are aware of a Scottish clan affiliation, examining the tartan of your family is the perfect beginning point.

District Tartans 3.2 District Tartans

District tartans belong to certain regions within Scotland. They symbolize the local communities as well as their distinctive designs and shades. If you have ancestors that connect you to a certain Scottish region, studying the tartan of that area can be an important means to honour your heritage.

Corporate Tartans

Corporate tartans are made for companies, corporations or even institutions, to give them an identity that is distinctive. They often include the colors or images that represent the company’s history or values. If your family is connected to an affiliation with a particular company or organization and you find the tartan with a specific meaning to the institution or company.

Style Tartans

Fashion tartans are contemporary interpretations of tartan which are geared towards modern preferences. The tartans might not feature ancestral clan connections, but they offer many fashionable patterns and color schemes. The exploration of fashion tartans is the perfect way to experience tartan in a unique and trendy way.

The Research of Your Family Tartan

In order to find the tartan of your family An extensive study and research are crucial. Explore the many options available in order to find the tartan that echoes your heritage.

Genealogical Research

Investigating the genealogy of your family can give important insights into your family genealogy and the ancestral roots. Analyzing the family tree of your relatives, identifying your Scottish origins, and finding any family affiliations can help reduce your search to the ideal tartan.

Clan Record as well as Associations

Records of clans and associations provide an abundance of details about specific clans and the associated tartans. They are able to provide historical documents along with guidance in finding the tartan styles connected to the family you belong to. Inquiring with relevant clan associations and accessing their resources online could greatly help your research.

Tartan Databases and websites

Websites and tartan databases online make searching for family tartans much easier than ever. They allow users to browse through a vast collection of tartan designs and search for your surname, clan or name as well as give the historical context. When using these online sources take care to verify your information with multiple trustworthy sources.

Recognizing Tartan patterns

After narrowing down your options, the tartan’s specific pattern is important. Be attentive to the specifics can help you determine the most exact and relevant illustration of your family tartan.

Learning to Understand Thread Sett and Count

Thread count is the number of threads in an inch, horizontally and vertically in a tartan design. Sett is the thread count sequence which creates the distinct pattern. If you are able to understand these elements will help you identify the exact thread count and the sett of your tartan family.

Examining Design elements and colors

The design and color elements of the tartan are a major factor in determining the tartan. Examining the palette of colors as well as the pattern of stripes, as well as the existence of particular patterns or symbols could assist you in matching the tartan with the family’s history. Consulting trusted tartan experts or sources can help you when you are trying to make this decision.

How to get your family’s Tartan

After you’ve identified the tartan of your family and you have it, you are able to purchase different forms of it and allow you to show your appreciation for your roots by displaying it in tangible ways.

Purchasing Tartan Fabric

If you’re a sewer or have craft skills, buying tartan fabric is an ideal choice. Numerous specialist stores offer many tartan-colored fabrics that allow the creation of personalised clothes, accessories and home décor items.

Crafting and Tailoring Options

Utilizing with a professional tailor or seamstress is a sure way to assure that your family tartan transforms into unique garments. Jackets, skirts, Kilts and even accessories such as tie and scarfs are made to match your family tartan giving you a unique and significant way to integrate tartan into your outfit.

Tartan Accessories and presents

If you’re more interested in pre-made items there are a variety of tartan items and presents are readily available on the marketplace. From bowties and tartan ties to jewelry with tartan themes or accessories for your home You can choose from many items that highlight your family’s tartan as well as its history.

The Benefits of incorporating Tartan into Your Lifestyle

When you’ve found your tartan from your family but the adventure doesn’t stop at that point. We’ll look at ways to include tartan in different areas of your lives.

wearing Tartan Clothes

The tartan-colored clothing you wear allows you to show off the tartan of your family and celebrate the traditions of your family. From dresses to kilts and shirts, there are endless options. By incorporating tartan into your wardrobe, you could be an opportunity to rekindle your connection with the past as well as make an impact with your fashion.

Use of Tartan for the Home Decor

Tartan is a great way to provide warmth and character the decor of your home. Through tartan furniture pillows, cushions, or curtains, adding the tartan color into your living space makes a welcoming and cozy ambience while also paying tribute to the family history of your home.

The Tartan Celebration at Celebrations

Events and gatherings that are themed around tartan provide the opportunity to show the tartan you wear with your family. You could consider hosting a Scottish themed party or taking part in Highland games, or taking part in festivals of culture that feature tartan as a prominent element. These events create unforgettable experiences and create a sense of belonging.


The journey of embarking on to discover the tartan of your family is an adventure of discovery that connects the family tree and to the rich history of Scotland. Through understanding the background as well as the different types and symbols of tartan, doing extensive research and discovering distinctive patterns that are unique to the family you belong to, you are able to be proud to incorporate tartan into the way you live your life. Through decorating your home or clothing or even participating in events that are centered around tartan Your family tartan can be a revered image of belonging and identity.


Is it possible to wear tartan?

Although anyone is able to wear tartan in any way, certain tartans might have particular associations or historic connections. Clan tartans for instance they are associated with particular Scottish clans. This isn’t a reason to not use a different tartan when you are a fan of the clan you belong to. The choice ultimately is yours. Wearing tartan can be a way to celebrate Scottish traditions and culture.

How precise are tartan finders online?

Online tartan searchers could be a great starting point to your search for tartans, however it’s crucial to check data from different sources. Variations in tartan styles in the past and the complexity of the individual family’s history could influence the accuracy of tartan locaters. In consultation with family associations and experts on tartan will help provide more accurate results.

Are tartans available for names that are not Scottish?

There tartans that are available to names that are not Scottish. They are commonly called “universal” tartans, or regional tartans. They provide the opportunity to those from other countries to accept the tartan. They are made to be tolerant, and allow all people of different backgrounds to appreciate the beauty and meaning of tartan.

Can I design the tartan of my choice?

It is indeed possible to design your individual tartan. Making your own tartan requires making a design that is unique as well as selecting the colors before registration with appropriate authorities. It requires careful planning and a thorough understanding of tartan designs and principles. Talking to tartan experts or designers can assist you in the steps and design the tartan that tells your own personal history and story.

What should I do if have trouble finding my family tartan?

If you can’t find an exact family tartan that corresponds with your name or family the lineage of your family, there are other alternatives that are available. Explore universal tartans, district tartans or even fashion tartans that align with your individual tastes and preference. Be aware that tartan is an expression of the past and culture, so picking a tartan that has the significance for your personal values is the most important thing.

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