12 String Blue Lyre Harp

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The 12 String Blue Lyre Harp is a beautifully crafted instrument that is perfect for any musician. The lyre is made of rosewood and sheesham wood with a natural grain finish, and comes in two different melodies. The metal strings are plated with chrome, and the tuning key is made of wood for a comfortable grip. The Lyre also comes with a complimentary cushioned carrying case made of polyester cloth with foam cushioning.

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Introducing the 12 String Blue Lyre Harp! This beautifully crafted instrument is made of Rosewood/Sheesham wood with a natural grain finish, and comes in two melodies. The Lyre Harp is a traditional stringed instrument that has been used for centuries to create beautiful music. This particular model features 12 strings, each tuned to a different note, and a metal tuning key with a wooden grip. The Lyre Harp is perfect for any musician, beginner or professional, who wants to add a unique and beautiful instrument to their collection.

  • Material: Rosewood/Sheesham
  • Finish: Polish with Natural Blue Grain
  • Engraved: No/Plain
  • Strings: Metal/Chrome Finish
  • Style: Lyre Harp
  • Type: Music Instrument
  • Strings: 12
  • Tuning Key: Metal with Wooden Grip

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